May 10, 2024

Behind the Design: The Sally Kim Collection

Back when Sachelle Collective first started, our customer our community was largely based in the US and Canada. We had the pleasure to cross path with an extremely sweet and genuine young woman, who was very willing to support Sachelle Collective, an Asian indie jewelry brand. Fast forward to a few years later, we’re extremely happy to finally share our co-designed collection to you all. Discover the story behind the creation of this collection below!

How It All Began

Sally was still balancing the double life of being a budding influencer and an auditor when we met her. Her laid-back, graceful presence and effortlessly chic style aligned perfectly with the values we hold dear at Sachelle Collective. The team reached out early on for a possible collaboration, and to our surprise, she immediately jumped on board. Since then, we witnessed the many remarkable changes have unfolded in her life in the past two years. She tied the knot with her high school sweetheart last year, and have since established herself as a full-time content creator.  

Sally Kim wearing the Haru Malachite Bezel Necklace and the matching Jane Malachite Bezel Ring

Behind the Creative Process

Throughout the creative journey, we took the time to truly understand Sally's unique style. Our aim was to create pieces that authentically represent her and everything she stands for. From the beginning, these pieces were designed with versatility in mind, we wanted to create a collection of jewelry that could be worn in any occasion; they possess an enduring quality that surpass fleeting trends, embodying the very essence of modern quiet luxury.

We explored different natural gemstones for the Jane Ring and Haru Necklace, and landed on the Malachite stone. The rich green hues and mesmerizing patterns of malachite perfectly embody Sally's laid-back yet sophisticated aesthetic. Each carefully selected malachite gemstone carries its own unique markings, making every piece of jewelry truly one-of-a-kind.

Sally wanted to incorporate thicker statement chains in her everyday style leading us on an extensive exploration of numerous chain styles. After carefully considering various options, we managed to narrow it down to a selection of five chain styles. The final choice, a double chain, was truly special and holds a vintage charm, and this became the Ollie Bracelet and Emma Necklace you see today.


Sally is seen wearing the interchangeable Young Pearl Jacket Earrings

A Journey of Collaboration and Gratitude

The journey of designing this collection was an incredibly enjoyable one, given the geographical distance between Sally in California and our team based in Hong Kong. Despite the challenges posed by the time difference, we successfully launched the collection after more than 1.5 years. Each piece in this collection holds a special place in our hearts, and we sincerely hope they find a cherished place in yours too.

Written by Casey, Marketing Assistant of Sachelle Collective