June 30th, 2022

The Complete Guide To Birth Month Flowers

Gifting is Never Easy

Have you had instances where you received gifts that you are not particularly fond of and are just collecting dust at home? We know we have, but it’s honestly understandable- buying gifts is hard sometimes! When it comes to gifting, flowers always come to our minds. They are easily one of the most popular gifts and you can never go wrong with them no matter who the recipient is.

The flower are hand-illustrated and casted on a delicate 14k gold-filled pendant

Birth Month Flowers and Their Traits

Rather than giving a generic gift card that will most likely be forgotten and unappreciated, why not send your loved ones a sentimental gift that can be remembered and flowers that can actually last forever. Late last year, we collaborated with a Canadian artist Ella Doo, who has hand illustrated twelve birth flowers that are etched onto a dainty gold-filled pendant that can be paired with a matching birthstone charm. Each flower represents a birth month and is by the many women who bloom flawlessly in their own ways.

Read below to find out your birth month flower, their unique traits, and see Ella beautiful watercolor illustrations for the collection!

The January Carnation is the flower that signifies the month of January. Known for its layered petals and colors, the carnation flower is one of the few that is able to thrive in the winter. She symbolizes admiration, affection, and devotion and is the perfect flower to celebrate you, as a reminder of self-love.

Violet is the flower that celebrates February, the month of love. The small, sweet-scented violet flower symbolizes clarity, modesty, and humility. Keep this delicate flower close to your heart throughout the day as a reminder of balance and harmony.

The Daffodil is the flower that signifies the month of March. The cheerful daffodils are the first blooms in the spring, and symbolize hope, new beginnings, and prosperity. Celebrate the new light of life with the daffodil where the sun is always shining around them.

The flowing lines of Daisy is the symbol that denotes the month of April. Perfect for those embarking on a new adventure, the daisy flower represents purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings. Those born in this month are trustworthy, kind, and will lighten the room with their loving personality.

A thoughtful gift, the month of May is celebrated with the lily of the valley. Lily of the Valley is a representation of the virtues of humility, sweetness, and chastity. Its name in the old Victorian language symbolizes the return of happiness and joy, serving as a reminder to enjoy the simplest things of life.

The Rose flower, represented by the month of June- stands for love and dedication. The rose flower boasts its rich shades that exude vivid beauty and strength. It is said to symbolize passion, love, and devotion. Gracing its own timeless beauty, the rose will surely bring a spark to their loved ones.

Delphinium is a stunning symbol of cheerful and warm greetings in the month of July. Charming, bubbly, and bright, this summer flower brings an infectious energy and positive optimism to those around them.

The Gladiolus is a beautiful flower that symbolizes the month of August. It represents the strengths of character, honesty, faithfulness, and integrity. A striking bloom with sword-like leaves, she holds natural-born strengths that are impossible to ignore.

Asters represent luck and wisdom because of their three, long petals that converge to form a shape like a star. The humble Aster stands just as tall as those born in the month of September - loyal, gentle souls who always show their appreciation.

October is the month of the Marigold, the beautiful, cheerful marigold flower is symbolic of many positive things in life—peace, joy, optimism, and beauty. The golden flower offers joy and keeps the heart open even when we are in darkness.

The graceful appearance of the Chrysanthemum, the flower of November, is an inspiration for honor and happiness. The abundance of vivid colors serves as a reminder to celebrate and be joyous as we travel through life's journey.

With its airy fragrance and delicate beauty, the December Narcissus is endearing with a classic charm and sweet fragility. This late-season blossom represents hope, simplicity, and prosperity, and is said to attract affection.

Reflecting on our Collection

This collection was our first cross-collaboration and has become a bestseller to this day. We truly believe that a memorable gift has a lasting, impactful effect on the person receiving it. The beautiful birth flowers necklaces were designed for this purpose, and to commemorate a special birthday in an authentic and personal way.

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Written by Michelle